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    The coating line achieves the perfect combination of beauty and quality

    The coating line achieves the perfect combination of beauty and quality

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    The painting process is not only an industry, but a combination of industry and art, which combines beauty and quality to enhance people's taste. The process line of the coating line is perfect.
    The pre-treatment has a manual simple process and an automatic pre-treatment process, and the latter is divided into two processes: automatic spray and automatic dipping. The workpiece must be surface treated to remove oil and rust before dusting. There are many liquid chemicals used in this section, mainly including rust removers, degreasers, surface conditioners, phosphating agents, and the like. For small batches of workpieces, dynamic dusting devices are generally used, while for large batches of workpieces, manual or automatic dusting devices are generally used. Whether it is manual dusting or automatic dusting, it is very important to keep the quality off. It is necessary to ensure that the sprayed workpiece has uniform powder and uniform thickness, and prevents defects such as thin spray, leakage spray, and rubbing. If the workpiece is sprayed, if it is produced in small batches, pay attention to prevent the powder from being knocked off before entering the curing furnace. If there is powder rubbing, the powder should be sprayed in time. Strict process, temperature and time control during baking, pay attention to prevent chromatic aberration, over-bake or too short time to cause insufficient curing.
    Perfection is created by people, and it is beautiful with the pursuit of perfection in our world.
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